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AR Set to Empower Employees of Franchise Operations

By Geof Wheelwright on February, 26 2019

LAS VEGAS - Augmented Reality is set to make a major impact on the way that franchise operations do business. That was the observation of Atheer chief operating office Amar Dhaliwal in his keynote speech at the International Franchise Association's Annual Convention at the Mandalay Bay hotel.


The four day convention, attended by 4,000 franchise professionals, featured speakers from across the franchise spectrum, including former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Domino's Chief Digital Office Dennis Maloney and Atheer's own Amar Dhaliwal.

Amar walked through how he sees the impact of augmented reality on franchise operations, starting with analyst predictions about the growth of AR in the coming years. He also cited the findings of recent Emergence Capital research, which concluded that 2.7 billion members of the "deskless" global workforce have been deeply under-served by digital technology.

To illustrate the kind of impact that AR in meeting the needs of deskless workers, he highlighted the great work of Atheer customer Porsche Cars North America and the success it has achieved with its Atheer-powered "Tech Live Look" initiative. By allowing Porsche dealership technicians to connect to remote experts via smartglasses and the Atheer AR platform, Porsche Cars North America says that it has shortened service resolution times by up to 40 percent.

The real key for convention attendees was Amar's description of how augmented reality will impact the operation of franchise operations - which he saw happening in four key areas:

Field or franchise service - AR can be used to help franchisees get real time guidance to fix equipment faster, first time and satisfy their customers. The franchise owner can better leverage the time of experts and bolster franchisee relations.

Maintenance - AR enables franchisees to get the support, guidance, and up to date instructions they need to perform preventive maintenance faster and better. It can be used to prevent downtime, keep the business running, improve margins.

Inspection - Franchisees and franchise owners can use AR to perform remote inspections and surveys across their networks. This helps them save time and money, share best practices, eliminate many problems, and move faster.

Training - AR is being used in a variety of training scenarios. It enables franchise owners to have an expert multicast to all franchisees to demonstrate a new process, product, or piece of equipment. It also allows trainees to remotely observe someone doing a task and supports franchise employees to learn on the job.

To learn more about how AR can benefit your business, book a demo today and we'll show you how it all works!



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