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Atheer Acquires Flype to Accelerate Augmented Reality’s Adoption in the Enterprise

By Geof Wheelwright on August 1, 2019

Acquisition of enterprise grade work platform - one that intelligently and securely connects users with the digital assets they need - will supercharge Atheer’s award-winning AR Management Platform

SANTA CLARA, CA, August 1st 2019 -- Atheer Inc., recently recognized as the Best Enterprise AR Solution at the industry’s annual international AWE 2019 conference, today announced the acquisition of San Francisco-based digital work platform pioneer Flype Inc.

Team Flype joins Team AtheerThis acquisition accelerates the development of Atheer’s award-winning Augmented Reality Management Platform by combining Atheer’s existing leading real-time collaboration capabilities with the intelligent digital work and integration capabilities of the Flype platform.

Nag Chandrashekar (left) and Sanjay Parmar (right), co-founders of Flype

"We are seeing an accelerating adoption of AR by enterprises across many industries and business processes. These organizations are demanding AR platforms that have enterprise grade security and user permission management, robust digital asset management across all their content stores, intelligent and dynamic work instructions on all devices, broad integration capabilities to other enterprise systems, and robust reporting and analytics” said Amar Dhaliwal, Chief Executive Officer of Atheer. “With Flype, we have acquired an enterprise grade digital work platform that significantly extends our capabilities in all these areas. The combination of Atheer and Flype redefines what enterprises can expect from an AR platform.”

Founded in San Francisco, California, Flype’s digital work platform intelligently and securely connects users with the digital assets, work instructions, and resources they need to do their best work.

"The foundation of the Flype platform is the ability to truly understand users, assess their needs in real time, understand spatial conditions and deliver highly contextual content to create personalized AR experience at scale. We are thrilled that Atheer and its customers will be taking advantage of these capabilities." said Nag Chandrashekar, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Flype

Flype’s founders Sanjay Parmar and Nag Chandrashekar have joined Atheer’s leadership team as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, respectively.

Financial terms of the Flype acquisition were not disclosed.

About Atheer

The Atheer Augmented Management (AR) Platform is an enterprise-grade AR productivity and collaboration solution designed for industrial enterprises. Atheer was recognized as the Best Enterprise AR Solution at the recent global Augmented World Exposition and Conference, 2019.

Founded in 2012, Atheer provides the only fully integrated enterprise grade solution for contextual work guidance and support which combines secure multi-point video collaboration, integrated step by step work instructions; broad device support (from smartphones and tablets to all major smart glasses); native support for multiple types of interaction (including gestures), detailed dashboards and reporting, multiple languages, and enterprise grade security and availability.

Atheer is being used today by leading industrial enterprises to transform the productivity, accuracy, quality and safety of their industrial workers - providing real and radical business impact. Customers include Julabo, Massimo, The Clorox Company, Volkswagen Group and the International Air Transport Association.

Atheer is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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