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Atheer talks to VentureBeat about Improving user Retention

Make the user experience simpler

By Adam White | October 24th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: Blog | 0 Comments

The First Decade of AR

By Adam White | April 17th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Media, Tech News | 0 Comments

THE HUFFINGTON POST: 3 Augmented Reality Startups Who Are Crushing It

Tim Cook just called augmented reality a “core technology.” These visionary companies are way ahead of him.

By Adam White | October 24th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: AR Startups, Media, Blog, Tech News | 0 Comments

Wikitude & Atheer™ Announce Partnership

By Adam White | October 18th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Partnership, AiR Suite, Wikitude | 0 Comments


By Adam White | October 4th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Partnership, AiR Suite, Vuzix | 0 Comments

Duke Energy explains how AR could make utilities more efficient.

Don’t tell gamers Pokémon Go is just augmented interactive reality (AiR), the overlaying of real-time information onto a view of the world that uses wearable technology.

By Adam White | September 12th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: Media, Blog, Tech News | 0 Comments

Top 5 Lessons Pokemon Go Can Teach Your Company

It took Pokemon Go less than a week to make Augmented Reality (AR) a household term. How is this phenomenon relevant to your business?

By Adam White | July 14th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: Blog, Pokemon | 0 Comments

TECHCRUNCH; Atheer leading the way.

By Adam White | July 10th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: Media, Blog, Tech News | 0 Comments

Epson Partners with Atheer to Deliver Remote Expert Collaboration and Rapid Task Flow Deployment on the Moverio® Smart Eyewear Platform.

By Adam White | June 15th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Epson, Partnership, AiR Suite | 0 Comments

Atheer AiR is the proud recipient of the 2016 AWE Auggie Award for “Best Enterprise Solution” in the field of AR.


AiR Suite Solidifies Leadership Position With Collaboration Solution

By Adam White | June 2nd , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, AWE, AiR Suite, Auggie Award | 0 Comments
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