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Amar Dhaliwal

Leveraging Technology To Control Automotive Warranty Costs And Improve Customer Satisfaction

In 2019, Warranty Week reported that warranty claims expenditure for automotive manufacturers amounted to about 2.5% of their revenues. Controlling these automotive warranty costs...

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How Digital Transformation Increases Repair Efficiency For Automotive Dealers And Manufacturers

The emergence of new technologies in the automotive industry has resulted in a generational change in complexity (of products and service offerings) and transformation of the underlying...

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How to Strengthen the Dealer - Manufacturer  Relationship

A Partnership That Defines Success

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Can You Improve Customer Satisfaction While Controlling Automotive Warranty Costs?

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How Augmented Reality Scales Automotive Technical Expertise

"The single biggest challenge to growth is to find, hire, and train and get enough technicians going."

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Maturity Model

Make Room, Augmented Reality is coming to the C-Suite

Make room in the C suite for a new player — the Chief Augmentation Officer (CAO). Over the past two decades, many organizations have added roles such as the Chief Learning Officer (CLO),...

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