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4 things you should do to sanitize your AR devices - and 4 things you should avoid doing

Living in the new work reality created by COVID-19 has reminded us of many things - not the least of which is that you want every part of your work environment to be as safe as it possibly can be. When working with AR devices (including smart[...]

By Geof Wheelwright | May 19th , 2020 |Categories: Topics: News, AR, Covid-19, devices | 0 Comments

Atheer & IAG show how AR can transform aircraft maintenance & repair

If you think about mission-critical work, there are few examples more worthy of this description than aircraft maintenance and repair.

The work required to keep planes flying to schedule, while ensuring the safety of airline pilots and crew,[...]

By Geof Wheelwright | May 11th , 2020 |Categories: Topics: News, Aviation, customer | 0 Comments

Car and Driver reports: Porsche Technicians Using 3X More Augmented Reality to Fix Cars

It is a great feeling to know when you're able to meet an urgent need for customers. For the last several months, we have been working with customers across a range of industries to help them meet the many business challenges resulting from the[...]

By Geof Wheelwright | April 30th , 2020 |Categories: Topics: News, Porsche, Covid-19 | 0 Comments

Aviation Sector Demand for Remote Support Rises in Reaction to COVID-19

It’s impossible to understate the level of challenge faced by the aviation industry as it grapples with the implications of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

By Geof Wheelwright | April 3rd , 2020 |Categories: Topics: News, Aviation, Covid-19 | 0 Comments

New Release Offers Enhanced Group Calling, 5G Support

Our latest release of the Atheer platform is designed to bring even more power to mobile users - now and in the future. Here is some of what you'll find in our most recent release.

By Geof Wheelwright | April 2nd , 2020 |Categories: Topics: News, Atheer platform, 5G | 0 Comments

Our Birthday is still on Valentine's Day, But Now We are 8

As we noted last year, it can be a little rough when your birthday overlaps with a major holiday or celebration. For us at Atheer, our birthday is today - Valentine's Day - and we are excited to share it with everyone on the planet who is also[...]

By Geof Wheelwright | February 14th , 2020 |Categories: Topics: Atheer, patents, Atheer, Augmented Reality | 0 Comments