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Porsche Announces Introduction of "Tech Live Look" Augmented Reality Smart Glasses in Dealerships

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) today announced the introduction of “Tech Live Look,” an Augmented Reality (AR) technology designed to improve technical services at Porsche dealerships in the United States.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 20th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, automotive | 0 Comments

Get realtime, actionable business insights from taskflow reporting in AiR Enterprise

We recently released a major update to our Atheer AiR™ Enterprise platform with new features that enhance enterprise security, add greater richness to taskflow reporting and updating - all while expanding the range of devices customers can use.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 17th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: Augmented reality, AiR Enterprise, Blog, taskflows | 0 Comments

Atheer wins SPIFFY Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity of 2017

It's great to be appreciated. That's how we felt last week when we found out that Atheer had won a SPIFFY Award for the second year in a row.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 6th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, SPIFFY, Atheer, award, mobile, Telecom | 0 Comments

AR for the Automotive Industry: Part 4

In the final part of this four-part series, we look at how to make a business case for an Augmented Reality (AR) solution.

AR for the Automotive Industry: Part 3

NASA's historic and pioneering Apollo space program for manned exploration of the moon isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about augmented reality solutions for the automotive industry. But it turns out that it can[...]

By Geof Wheelwright | October 13th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: NASA, AR, Augmented, automotive, Blog, lunar rover | 0 Comments
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