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Latest Atheer AR Management Platform Release Brings Low Bandwidth Mode, Broader Hardware Support, Improved Collaboration and Extends Single Sign-On Support

By Geof Wheelwright on December 12, 2018

New version of platform includes enhanced network troubleshooting capabilities, richer work instruction creation, improved in-call experience and Office 365 Single Sign-On

SANTA CLARA, CA, DECEMBER 12, 2018 – Atheer Inc., a leader in enterprise augmented reality (AR) and pioneer of the world’s first Augmented Reality Management Platform, today announced availability of the latest release of the Atheer AR management platform. The Atheer ARMP now includes a strong low bandwidth mode to better enable AR work in bandwidth-challenged industrial environments, support for the popular Samsung S7 Android smartphones, integration with Microsoft’s Office 365 single sign-on, a range of enhanced in-call functionality, and work instruction enhancements.

Low Bandwidth Mode Empowers Industrial Enterprises

One of the greatest challenges many industrial enterprises face in implementing Augmented Reality is that they just don’t have the infrastructure to deliver good bandwidth and reliable connectivity for their users to properly do video calls.

Atheer’s new low bandwidth option helps to meet this challenge, bringing more reliable video calling to workers in industries such as construction, oil and gas, mining, shipping and other sectors where getting and maintaining consistent high-bandwidth connectivity is an issue.

Call organizers can now see on-screen data about the network connectivity status of any user on a “See What I See” video call, allowing them to downgrade the video resolution of any user on the call when they are experiencing low or fluctuating network connectivity.

Extending Industry-Standard Single Sign-On

Atheer is adding to its industry standard single sign-on capability by announcing support for Office 365 Single Sign-On, meaning that if you are already signed in to an Office 365 application when using the Atheer web-based console, that sign-on can be passed on automatically to Atheer.

This allows Atheer users who work with Office 365 to be able to immediately get authenticated and get to work more quickly. It marks the second major announcement of single sign-on support by Atheer this year.

Other Important New Features:

In addition, several other useful new features are part of this release. Those features include:

    • Remote Zoom - Remote experts on a video call can now remotely control the zoom capabilities of the callers’ device(s), allowing them to more quickly get better visual detail on any aspect of what the user is looking at.
    • Saving Annotations – When a remote expert annotates what they are seeing in on caller’s AR device (whether that device is a pair of smart glasses, a tablet or a smartphone) and shares it with them in real time, that annotated image can now be saved for later viewing and better record keeping.
    • Connectivity Tool - A new Atheer Setup Assessment tool ensures that users' devices are making all the right network connections for video calling, that the microphone and camera are working properly, and that connectivity and throughput are optimal. 
    • Samsung S7 support - Atheer is now optimized for use on the popular Samsung S7 Android smartphones, adding further to the list of supported Android tablets and smartphones on which you can run the Atheer AR platform.

A Strong Year for Atheer

Atheer CEO Sanjog Gad said that the new release caps off a year of strong development by Atheer. It was a year that included the company's announcement of the world's first Augmented Reality Management Platform (ARMP) and the delivery of that platform on multiple devices, operating systems and form factors from a range of leading manufacturers.

Meanwhile, he noted that Atheer experienced strong and steady growth in the number of customers benefiting from the Atheer AR platform, the talent of Atheer team and the industries and use cases the company supports.

"We are delighted to offer customers a new release that allows them to work together more effectively, integrate more easily with existing and popular enterprise applications and offer even greater choice about the AR devices they use," he added. "It is a great way to roll into 2019."

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