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Now Available On-Demand! AR Insights Webinar Series Kick-Off Episode with IDC's Tom Mainelli

By Geof Wheelwright on September 4, 2020

This month, we kicked off our new monthly Webinar series - featuring insightful guests talking about issues that we know matter to you. Our first guest was IDC's Tom Mainelli. Tom is one of those smart, articulate people that does a great job of putting technology, business and the real human side of work into perspective.

And you can now watch that first Webinar episode On-Demand. Click the button below to register and start watching.

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And you'll want to hear what he has to say. Tom manages the Device & Consumer Research Group at IDC, which covers a broad range of hardware categories, inclusive of both home and enterprise markets, as well as IDC's growing consumer research practice.

So Tom is in a position to provide a really useful view of how technology impacts people's home and working lives. We talked to him specifically about the Future of the Front Line Workforce - and he had some great insights to share. 


In our conversation, Tom talked about :

  • IDC's perspective on how the safety and productivity of front line workers are being tackled by industrial enterprises
  • The role of technology in getting to The Next Normal
  • Why Simple Solutions won't Meet Complex Challenges
  • How Front Line Teams will need to be Empowered to Tackle both Today and Tomorrow

So take a look at the Webinar today. We're excited to bring it to you!


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