Latest Atheer AR Management Platform Release Brings Low Bandwidth Mode, Broader Hardware Support, Improved Collaboration and Extends Single Sign-On Support

New version of platform includes enhanced network troubleshooting capabilities, richer work instruction creation, improved in-call experience and Office 365 Single Sign-On

By Geof Wheelwright | December 12th , 2018 |Categories: Topics: ARMP, group calling, remote expert, Enterprise AR, News, AR, Atheer platform | 0 Comments

AR Opportunities and Cyber Challenges in Transportation and Logistics Sector

Ever wondered how Augmented Reality could make a difference in the Transportation and Logistics sector? If you have, you will no doubt have downloaded our recent eBook on the subject.

By Geof Wheelwright | December 3rd , 2018 |Categories: Topics: Trucking, Transportation and Logistics, ARMP | 0 Comments

Why AR is Like a Thanksgiving Car Journey

As we head into Thanksgiving – with all the family travel that the season typically involves – consider how the enterprise Augmented Reality industry is like every parent who has ever been on a long car trip with their kids, constantly dealing[...]

By Geof Wheelwright | November 21st , 2018 |Categories: Topics: AR, Thanksgiving, maturity | 0 Comments

Atheer Ships Latest Version of AR Management Platform, With Richer Collaboration and Enhanced Natural Interaction Support

Platform now includes enhanced annotation capabilities and head motion control for panning documents 

By Geof Wheelwright | November 13th , 2018 |Categories: Topics: Atheer platform, ARMP, user experience, SSO, News | 0 Comments

Atheer Supports AR Enterprise Enablement with New RFP Template

Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be tough - especially when you are seeking proposals on a new technology that you haven't worked with before.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 1st , 2018 |Categories: Topics: ARMP, Enterprise, RFP template | 0 Comments
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