Atheer delivers on the promise of Augmented Reality in the enterprise with solutions that change the way people work

Using Atheer's unique, patented AiR™ technologies, organizations around the world are finding ways to improve productivity, quality, and safety by allowing their workers to focus on the tasks they need to accomplish. Atheer's enterprise customers[...]

By Theo Goguely | June 1st , 2017 |Categories: Topics: Blog | 0 Comments

The First Decade of AR

By Adam White | April 17th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Media, Tech News | 0 Comments

THE HUFFINGTON POST: 3 Augmented Reality Startups Who Are Crushing It

Tim Cook just called augmented reality a “core technology.” These visionary companies are way ahead of him.

By Adam White | October 24th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: AR Startups, Media, Blog, Tech News | 0 Comments

Wikitude & Atheer™ Announce Partnership

By Adam White | October 18th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Partnership, AiR Suite, Wikitude | 0 Comments


By Adam White | October 4th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Partnership, AiR Suite, Vuzix | 0 Comments
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