Atheer Wins Recognition for Innovation During Aragon Research’s 2017 Hot Vendor, Innovation, and Women in Technology Awards

By Geof Wheelwright | December 8th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Aragon, Augmented reality, Innovation, awards, AiR Enterprise | 0 Comments

Porsche Announces Introduction of "Tech Live Look" Augmented Reality Smart Glasses in Dealerships

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) today announced the introduction of “Tech Live Look,” an Augmented Reality (AR) technology designed to improve technical services at Porsche dealerships in the United States.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 20th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, automotive | 0 Comments

Atheer™ Releases Latest AiR Enterprise with Enhanced Enterprise Security, Taskflow Reporting, and Expanded Device Support

By Theo Goguely | November 7th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News | 0 Comments

Atheer wins SPIFFY Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity of 2017

It's great to be appreciated. That's how we felt last week when we found out that Atheer had won a SPIFFY Award for the second year in a row.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 6th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, SPIFFY, Atheer, award, mobile, Telecom | 0 Comments

Atheer recognized as top AR company in Healthcare

Dr. Meskó takes a look at what AR has to offer the healthcare field, and why there is so much potential in that space. Beyond data access and bringing life-saving information into doctors' field of vision, the ability to interact with that[...]

By Theo Goguely | September 7th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News | 0 Comments

Atheer Announces Tablet Support for Award-Winning AiR Enterprise Application

By Theo Goguely | July 27th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, press release, AiR Enterprise, AR | 0 Comments

Atheer™ Acquires SpaceView to Create a Richer Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience

By Theo Goguely | July 12th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, press release, AR | 0 Comments

The First Decade of AR

By Adam White | April 17th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Media, Tech News | 0 Comments

Wikitude & Atheer™ Announce Partnership

By Adam White | October 18th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Partnership, AiR Suite, Wikitude | 0 Comments


By Adam White | October 4th , 2016 |Categories: Topics: News, Partnership, AiR Suite, Vuzix | 0 Comments
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