Atheer wins SPIFFY Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity of 2017

It's great to be appreciated. That's how we felt last week when we found out that Atheer had won a SPIFFY Award for the second year in a row.

By Geof Wheelwright | November 6th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, SPIFFY, Atheer, award, mobile, Telecom | 0 Comments

Atheer recognized as top AR company in Healthcare

Dr. Meskó takes a look at what AR has to offer the healthcare field, and why there is so much potential in that space. Beyond data access and bringing life-saving information into doctors' field of vision, the ability to interact with that[...]

By Theo Goguely | September 7th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News | 0 Comments

Atheer Announces Tablet Support for Award-Winning AiR Enterprise Application

By Theo Goguely | July 27th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Augmented reality, press release, AiR Enterprise, AR | 0 Comments

Atheer™ Acquires SpaceView to Create a Richer Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience

By Theo Goguely | July 12th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, press release, AR | 0 Comments

The First Decade of AR

By Adam White | April 17th , 2017 |Categories: Topics: News, Media, Tech News | 0 Comments
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